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Kashi Rameswaram Yatra (Kasi Rameswaram Yatra)

Kashi Rameswaram Yatra Tour Package – The pilgrimage of kashi starts from Rameswaram.

Kashi Rameswaram yatra – The yatra starts with a pilgrimage to Rameswaram, where Lord Rama did pooja to Lord Shiva who is called Sri Ramanatha Swami in Rameswaram Temple.

Kashi Rameswaram yatra

Before starting from home, perform Yatra dhanam and take Brahma Dhandulam. After finishing the kashi yatra, this brahma dhandulam can be used during samaradhana once your yatra completes.

After reaching Rameshwaram, take bath at Agni Theertham (holy dip).

Ganapathy pooja.


Bath at 22 sacred Theerthams at Rameshwaram’s Ramanadha swami temple.
Hiranya srardham Kashi Rameswaram Yatra (Kasi Rameswaram Yatra)

Full Srardham or Hiranya srardham with wet rice as pindam( offerings).

Take sand from Agni theertham, each named as Sethu Madhava, Veni Madhava & Bindhu Madhava.

Sethu Madhava, Bindhu Madhava should be dissolved in rameshwaram and Veni Madhava will be taken to Kashi. The pandits will guide you respectively.

In horoscope if you find any pithru dhosha, Thila homam can be performed.

Carry along with you Veni madhava to kashi. Next prepare for your pilgrimage to kashi. required items to perform rituals during yatra.

For Ganga pooja & Sumangali, Blouse bit, Turmeric Powder, Kungumam(Sindhoor),Comb,Mirrors,Bangles,Turmeric (varali manjal).

For Srardham 9 X 5 Dhothi 3 or 5

For Thambadhi Pooja, one 9 yard saree, one 9 X 5 Dhothi, one ThiruMangalyam (mangal sootra), one set Metti (Minji), 2 sets of bangles, Turmeric and Kungumam(Sindhoor)

For Dhasa Dhanam, cocunut, sandal powder, Rice, Jaggery, Salt, Thilam, Ghee, Gold, Silver, two 9 X 5 Dhothi.

Pancha Dhanam Dheepam, Mani, Sombu, Book, one 9 X 5 Dhothi.

At Gaya, Srardham will require five or six 9 X 5 Dhothi.

From Rameshwaram travel to Allahabad.

You can travel to kashi and then come to allahabad or straightly to allahabad and then to kashi.
Rituals on Kashi Rameswaram Yatra (Kasi Rameswaram Yatra)

rituals named on following

Prayag Mundan (at triveni)
Gaya Pindam (at akshaya vatam)
Kashi Dhandam (at kaal Bhairava temple)

rituals performed at Allahabad

Ganapathy Pooja,
Graha Preethi Dhanam,
Veni Dhanam,
Dissolving Veni madhava (the Veni Madhava from Rameshwaram),
Triveni Sangama Snanam,
Collecting Pure Ganga,
Hiranya Srardham,
Pinda Pradhanam,
Shetra pindadhanam,
Thila Tharpanam,
Brahma Yagnam,
Veni Madhava,
Hanuman Temple Dharshan,
Other Temple Dharshan.

Afterwards,collect water from the sangam and get it sealed in coppeer vessels. One vessel,about half a litre or so are to be preserved for the Abhishekam at Rameswaram to conclude the Sampoorna Kasi Yatra.

The other small copper vessels filled with the holy water can be used in poojas at home and for offering to friends/relatives. Once these rituals are completed travel to varanasi.

We can arrange full srardham or hiranya srardham.

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